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A successful portrait is the result of a partnership between client and artist.


Upon being commissioned, an initial consultation will be scheduled so that Wendy can understand what the client would like to achieve and answer any questions about location and dress for the sitting.

Wendy will create the photo references needed for the perfect Portrait. Together reviewing the photographic references to be used in the portrait is a fun process, and the first glimpse of your forever heirloom. 

​* For posthumous portraits, Wendy will work with the client to select the appropriate photograph from personal archives.











Head and Shoulders


Half Figure


Three-Quarter Figure



Full-Length Figure



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A discount is given for additional figures in the same portrait. All portraits are painted in approximately life sized proportion.

Fees do not include framing, sales taxes, travel or shipping expenses. Preliminary costs such as travel are billed when incurred. A deposit of 20% will secure a place on the artist’s portrait calendar. The balance is due when the portrait is delivered.

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